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Building History Databases: What’s Overkill?

Hosted by: David M- PHD at George Mason Excel Pros: -Helpful for social media analysis Cons: -Information overload Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc. Pros: -Easy to share with a broader community -Able to receive feedback in real-time -Can access data … Continue reading

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Tool Sharing

How to approach DH? -Text analysis -Social network analysis -Geo-spatial mapping -Distance reading / content analysis -Visual/sound analysis -Visualization Resources Dirt Directory ( -comprehensive website/registry listing resources to help you conduct research -can be categorized by your approach (text analysis, … Continue reading

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Building History Databases: What’s Overkill?

Building History Databases: What’s Overkill? Transcribed by: Sydney Thatcher US and Mexican travelers 1846 across border More quantitative information then expected Ship manifests- which includes some data such as names of people and where they came from Historians build these … Continue reading

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