Intro to WordPress with Amanda

Session 1 – WordPress – Ruth & Stephen B.

Free & Open.

WordPress runs about 27% websites on the internet

Started with blogs

Difference btw (hosted solution) and

WordPress is open built software

Matt Mullenwag created wordpress – founded company called automatic in mid 2000s

Unlike Facebook, can get the wordpress software (opensource) vs.
The way WordPress is built is to be “extensible”
Totally true that if you get the wordpress software, you can do whatever you want with it on your own website. Part of the reason why it took off so much. People like to customize.
Extensible nature comes into play with themes and plugins.
Themes control how site works — can customize themes and plugins on your own site
Plug-ins are simple idea, instead of customizing the look and feel of your website, they allow you to customize what your website can do. There are plugins for everything. Lists of plugins can be found on
You can embed everything from videos on youtube to maps on google and even documents.
Software is basically the same on either
People will develop for own site and then give it away for other people to use
Others use it as a portfolio for job searches
Is there a difference between plug in (function) and embedding (content) is a great tool to teach people about, and a great way to learn web design, code, etc.
Iframe could be helpful for people who are looking to embed/plug in things that are more complex
Can control pixel width and height — control size of images — in iframe code

The blog part is also valuable, albeit “old fashioned.”
Can be used in a classroom setting to make the discussion more interactive
How to get a high profile?
-don’t use a hosted site

Reclaim Hosting — place to buy web hosting
What are you best uses for WordPress as undergrad students/people preparing to go into career after graduation?
The kinds of things you can put up on your own website that you can’t do on LinkedIn. Can post coursework, papers that you’ve done, actually documenting what you did in courses.
Really good for a portfolio
Benefits of having your own websites
It’s very customizable
Can add your twitter feed, LibraryThing (what you’re currently reading)

There are plugins that allow you to integrate your social media for “sharing” purposes also can be used for long form writing

How to gain/improve readership
Be lucky (lol)
There are so many systems of engagement, work to connect them all.
Orchid — researcher identifier
Be authentic and water your presence like a garden
Content and FREQUENT content are very important.
Keep things up to date

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