THAT Camp Conference Summary

Transcribed by: Manuel Fiallos Garcia

The conference I was in talked about Wikipedia. It focused in the fact that there’s a lot of information in Wikipedia that you can come to believe it’s fake. That is because people could edit information easily and there was no problem with it, even if it was fake. People started doubting about using Wikipedia as a credible source and developed a tendency to disapprove it as a primary source of information. In the conference, they explained that there are actually back up proves of who the author is and what he added to the information, bringing more credibility to the source. As well, now you need to become an approved user to be able to edit in Wikipedia. They told us that also if you get to add too much fake information, people can flag you and you can get to a point were you are blocked from editing the content in Wikipedia. There was also someone who had edited a page in Wikipedia and showed us where her user appeared and what she had edited. A lady was saying that there might be content that even though it is backed up by an author’s biography website or some sort of website containing the content he added up; there might a probability that what he added is fake and could have make up that information in the website just to add content to Wikipedia. We saw a video containing how to edit Wikipedia and how people really use this tool to spread the information they know and contribute to the digital information world. This is the audio file that contains the conference, it is not that great the audio but it can provide a further insight of what they talked in the session. Thanks.


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