Intro to API’s session

Scribed by Sage P.

“Room A Section 1: Topic- Intro to API’s

DPLA- Digital Public Library

API-Application programming interface

Behind the scenes, to get data


Scrape data from webite

Data in a structured way



Postman in chrome (Add app)

(Don’t have to sign up)

hit “send”

It will email a key

API request


Switch to GET. Enter domain: api/dpla/v2/items

Params (parameter)

Key & Value

Api_key… # from email

Key: q (query)

Value: (search)

Click send

0 is first not 1

Count -# of matched

Start   Limit   Docs

Different way to search, defined on Dpla website

Specific info back

(ID & titles)  put in fields   Pagination   Saving it is by send & download

More way to access

Web console

Web application- developed gwu library

Commandline- twarc (twitter app)

Code- can always write code

(depend on API and what you want)

Read documentation (to understand)

You may not understand data if you don’t

Fairly stable

Tweeting slides”

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