The Value of Federal Support for DH with Diane Cline

Transcribed by: Rachel Cousins

  • Happy hours for writing letters “write to your happy hour”
  • website resources
    • Breakdown of federal funding by state
    • Information of the history of the endowment
  • The NEH was at its peak under Nixon’s administration
  • The biggest recipients of federal funding are not states you would expect (Vermont, Alaska)
  • When lobbying for federal funding it is important to go into a breakdown of programs that would benefit
  • National Humanities Alliance
  • We need more innovative curriculums that teach problem solving to students of the humanities
  • How do you highlight what goes away if you take away national humanities funding?
    • The impact on society
  • Using NEH grants to match donors to incentivize them to donate
  • Documentary film is having difficulty under the competition of other digital sources for funding
  • How do you know whether to trust the information presented in a documentary
    • NEH approval on documentary films provides reliability because of the peer review process
    • Also applies to websites
  • The NEH has to be open with their practices to the public because they are funded by taxpayer dollars in a way private foundations don’t have to be
  • The National Humanities Alliance
    • They bring people from organizations all around the country to speak to their representatives on the Hill to talk about the importance of their organizations
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