Building History Databases: What’s Overkill?

Hosted by: David M- PHD at George Mason

-Helpful for social media analysis

-Information overload

Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc.
-Easy to share with a broader community
-Able to receive feedback in real-time
-Can access data from anywhere with a wifi connection
-Free, no costly fees of database subscriptions, software expenses etc.
-User friendly

-Runs risk of glitches
-Less shortcuts than excel
-Not as advanced as excel when it comes to visual analyzation ie: pivot tables, etc.

Alternative methods:
-Open Refined Program (

-All comes down to personal preference
-It is possible to use various programs simultaniously for different needs
-Tailor your user experience to match project needs
-Research alternative methods to expedite process
-Share tools + tips with the digital community for enhanced user experience

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